Kitestring is a four-piece rock band featuring all-original music with influences from rootsy Americana, Blues, and Soul. The band is based in Ithaca, NY and centers around the unique talent of singer-songwriter Josh Ross whose lyrics explore personal experiences of love, loss, and redemption to weave meaningful messages that speak to the heart of listeners. Ross, whose fiery vocal performance makes it impossible not to feel something, is supported by bassist Jeremy Betterley, guitarist Marty Farchione, and drummer Phil Shay. Their song styles cover an eclectic range with the unifying thread of memorable melodies, clever lyrics and solid musicianship. The band is also known for live performances filled with energy, emotion and honesty. Kitestring’s sound is stripped down to the elements necessary to convey the message of their songs, focusing on the subtle and elegant rather than the flashy and over-the-top.

Kitestring was formed in 2015 and since has released a single and two albums while relentlessly performing and creating hours of original music. Their most recent album “Seven Years Good Luck” recorded at Pyramid Sound Studios was released July 2019 and has proven the band’s ability to craft catchy and deceptively deep rock/pop songs that resonate with people in a truly human way.